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Amazing Grace 2.


Heikki Sarmanto's music career spans over half a century. He's vastly known not only as a genius melodist and a chord wizard but also as a composer, band leader and skillfull master of improvised jazz. He has only just recently exposed a new dimension of his musical self image: solo piano. Improvised solo piano must be one of the most difficult fields in music to master. The player virtually needs to cover a wealth of tasks simultaneously: percussive elements, bass, accompanying orchestra and melody leading. Oddly, Heikki Sarmanto hasn't performed much as a solo pianist during his career. Only in recent years has he been requested to play solo piano. His first solo piano concert in U.S. 2009 was highly praised, and soon after a series of solo piano concerts were arranged in Finland. Those concerts were also recorded. Sarmanto was asked to make solo piano versions from the huge selection of his original material: songs, instrumentals, big band pieces, opera arias and other melodies. The reason for this is to highlight his unique and genius approach of producing and presenting melodies and chords when playing piano that is almost impossible to convert into sheet music if only conventional chord markings are used. Sarmanto didn't quite follow this request. Instead, he decided to turn back to his personal music academy, The Great American Song Book, which has been a crucial part of his musical development. He wanted to revisit and reinvent the music of the song book. This resulted in over 1200 cuts of solo piano performances, recorded with different pianos in various acoustic environments. One goal was to provide music that is authentic and pure, untouched by complicated technology that often veils the music before it reaches the listener. The end result takes the listener on a voyage to pianism, it offers an insight into Sarmanto's musical thinking and his decades of experience combined into traditionally chorded songs. As the project advanced, the improvisations led to new dimensions and such chord and improvisation worlds where you can hear the mystical speech of the surrounding space. From the vast number of takes the most suitable ones were selected where no editing was needed. They present a direct documentation of this musical journey; tracks that stick tightly to the original melodies and chords, and also a great number of examples showing how you can progress from traditional thinking. There are also many tracks where Sarmanto breaks completely out of the original song and presents a beautiful musical comment with his improvisation. This yields completely new combinations of melodies and chords. This whole series of improvisations is an exploration in pianism,a quest for the eternal mystery: how can one player and instrument be the whole orchestra?

Here we have the Largest and Greatest Album Ever In Jazz! Over 400 tracks in one album!

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Item type  Audio 
Name  Amazing Grace 2. 
Media  MP3 
Label / Album  Piano Explosions! 
Length (minutes)  5.34 
Composer  Traditional 
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